EDUL - Difference Output Format

   EDUL stands for Extended Delta Update Language and is an extension of Adrian Mouat's DUL. The differences of those two formats are thoroughly descrided, as well as the justification for any change.

The documentation of the EDUL difference output format is available here.
Below, an example of the EDUL output format is shown.
   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
      <move childno="7" length="0" next_sib_name="genre" next_sib_value=""  
              node="/node()[1]/node()[4]/node()[7]" parent="/node()[1]/node()[4]" 
              prev_sib_name="year" prev_sib_value=""></move> 
      <move childno="7" length="0" next_sib_name="#text" next_sib_value=""  
              node="/node()[1]/node()[4]/node()[6]" old_charpos="8"  
              parent="/node()[1]/node()[4]" prev_sib_name="#text"   
      <insert charpos="1" childno="1" name="#text" next_sib_name="#text" 
              next_sib_value="Old text" nodetype="3" parent="/node()[1]/node()[4]   
              /node()[4]" value="New text">New text</insert> 
      <delete charpos="9" length="8" node="/node()[1]/node()[4]/node()[4]  
              /node()[1]" value="Old text"></delete>